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Welcome to Small Screen Superman by Talia DeGisi. This is an in-progress fansite dedicated to - you guessed it - Superman. The name derives from the fact that a main focus of this site will be on Superman TV shows, especially my two favorites, the 1950s Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves and Phyllis Coates/Noel Neill and the 1990s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman starring Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. This main focus being granted, there will still be some Superman content here not related to the Man of Steel's televised adventures.

This site is very much a work-in-progress. Not only is there not a lot of content here yet, but quite a few of the pages are mere placeholders or something barely better. However, there's still stuff to enjoy and I'll continue to improve and add as time goes on, so stay tuned!

The kinds of things I want to include on this site include general information and commentary, episode summaries and reviews, large galleries of screencaps, and fan creations such as art, wallpapers, graphics, and even fiction. So far, I already have a little bit of most of these things, even if there's still a long way to go. Feel free to browse, enjoy, and even contact me to give suggestions if you so choose.

So, why exactly does this site exist...?

Well, I already told you the kind of content this site contains (and will contain), but the thing is, can't most this content be found elsewhere on the web, to one extent or another? And even where it doesn't exactly, instead of making my own website, couldn't I do almost the same thing just by adding content to IMDb or something, or maybe working on a few wikis?

Well, yeah. In fact, I've already done some of these types of things, at least a little bit. But it's undeniable that creating your own little space on the web to do these things frees you from a lot of constraints to create the content in just the way you want and structure it in just the way you want. That's not to say there's anything remotely wrong with the other way of doing things; I'll probably continue to do to some extent even with this website existing. But the freedom and opportunity for creative expression and ultimately creating a unique overall experience that having your own site provides is unparalleled, and I ultimately hope to use this medium to create something you can't quite get in other places. How well I'll succeed remains to be seen, but I'll try to do my best.

And what can I say? Individual, independent fansites are personal and special. I still believe they can be an awesome medium - they just need to be careful to differentiate themselves and provide unique content, which is what I'll be trying to do. And making websites is just plain fun.

Note for Internet Explorer Users

Since Small Screen Superman is a work in progress, there are a few things I haven't gotten around to yet. One is ensuring compatibility with Internet Explorer (though Microsoft Edge works fine). If you use this browser and click on an image to see the full size, you will not be able to close out of it and go back to the page without refreshing. I plan on fixing this bug soon, but until then, it's best to either avoid clicking on images in IE or use a different browser. Sorry for the inconvenience! (If you would like to try another browser, you may want to download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.)

Some plans for future progress