My Adventures with Superman is great! But…

Promotional artwork for My Adventures with Superman, showing Superman holding Lois Lane while flying

About a month ago, it finally happened. My Adventures with Superman came out. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time; I wrote a blog post when it was first announced over 2 years ago. Based on what little was known about the show back then, it seemed like exactly what I wanted: […]

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Superhero Animated Show Art Style Tierlist

Superhero Animated Show Art Style Tierlist. Not in order within tiers. S tier: Batman: The Animated Series. A tier: Superman: The Animated Series. B tier: Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The New Batman Adventures, Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Static Shock, Young Justice. C tier: Spider-Man 1994, Superman 1989. D tier: The Batman.

I only included shows which I’ve watched what I feel is a significant enough amount of and whose art style I have a clearly defined opinion of. Chances are, I’ll make another version of this tierlist in the future with more shows. But for now, here are some more detailed thoughts on each of the […]

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Superman: Year One #1 Review

The cover art for Superman Year One Issue #1, featuring Superman emerging from a spaceship

Note: I do not recommend that young kids read either this review or the comic being discussed due to a reference to mature content. Frank Miller is a controversial comic creator, but he’s still a talented one. I’m not that familiar with his work, honestly, but I have read one of his more recent creations, […]

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Quick Update – Crossword Puzzle!

It may seem that I’ve abandoned this site and blog, but I am working on a couple things, and today have a minor but fun update. I recently created a Superman crossword puzzle and have it linked to on the main site in addition to here. I plan on creating more Superman crossword puzzles in […]

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Young Justice Review

Main characters of Young Justice Season 1 (Robin, Artemis, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Aqualad)

NOTE: This review does not cover Season 4. Earlier, I wrote a post reviewing the version of Superman featured in the Young Justice cartoon. It wasn’t exactly a favorable review. But the show in general is another story, especially if we’re talking about Season 1. Since this site is mostly geared to people who are […]

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What does “superhero” mean?

Group shot of the Justice League founding members in the DCAU (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl)

Most dictionary definitions of superhero include having superhuman powers as one of the criteria, which annoys me to no end considering Batman, obviously one of the most popular and famous superheroes of all time, doesn’t meet this criterion. The truth is, I don’t think a good definition of a superhero can really be summed up […]

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The Problem with Young Justice Superman

Superman in Young Justice

If you’re at all familiar with the Young Justice cartoon, you might think this article sounds a bit boring. And I don’t blame you; the problem with this cartoon’s incarnation of the Man of Steel seems glaringly obvious: in Season 1, he refuses to engage with Superboy, despite Superboy desperately wanting his guidance. (This version […]

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Awwww yeah! Exactly the Superman cartoon I’ve been hoping for!

My Adventures of Superman screenshot depicting Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen

In fact, it’s so close to what I would’ve done it’s almost a bit weird! We don’t have a release date, or a trailer. But a new Superman cartoon, My Adventures with Superman, has indeed been announced, and we do have a teaser screenshot and a bit of information. I’ve thought for a while that […]

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Superman & Lois Pilot First Impressions: It was OK I guess

Superman & Lois poster

Spoiler warning. I watched the pilot episode of Superman & Lois and, well, I didn’t find it particularly good. It certainly wasn’t wretchedly bad or anything, either. I suppose I might as well keep watching the show out of curiosity, but I won’t be surprised if I end up dropping it soon. I can’t really […]

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