My Adventures with Superman is great! But…

Promotional artwork for My Adventures with Superman, showing Superman holding Lois Lane while flying

About a month ago, it finally happened. My Adventures with Superman came out. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time; I wrote a blog post when it was first announced over 2 years ago. Based on what little was known about the show back then, it seemed like exactly what I wanted: […]

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What does “superhero” mean?

Group shot of the Justice League founding members in the DCAU (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl)

Most dictionary definitions of superhero include having superhuman powers as one of the criteria, which annoys me to no end considering Batman, obviously one of the most popular and famous superheroes of all time, doesn’t meet this criterion. The truth is, I don’t think a good definition of a superhero can really be summed up […]

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The Problem with Young Justice Superman

Superman in Young Justice

If you’re at all familiar with the Young Justice cartoon, you might think this article sounds a bit boring. And I don’t blame you; the problem with this cartoon’s incarnation of the Man of Steel seems glaringly obvious: in Season 1, he refuses to engage with Superboy, despite Superboy desperately wanting his guidance. (This version […]

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Awwww yeah! Exactly the Superman cartoon I’ve been hoping for!

My Adventures of Superman screenshot depicting Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen

In fact, it’s so close to what I would’ve done it’s almost a bit weird! We don’t have a release date, or a trailer. But a new Superman cartoon, My Adventures with Superman, has indeed been announced, and we do have a teaser screenshot and a bit of information. I’ve thought for a while that […]

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Is Superman Being “Overpowered” Actually Genius?

Cover of Superman #7 showing Superman descending with bullets bouncing off him, next to the text "World's Greatest Adventure-Strip Character"

Once my sister said to me that Superman is the best character because he’s bulletproof. So many action characters, such as Batman, just seem to miraculously dodge the bullets every time. Either that, or everyone attacking them apparently has a horrible aim. So in a way, Superman is the most “realistic”. Obviously his powers aren’t […]

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