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Superman Fan Fiction

Here's some Superman fan fiction I've written. Most of it is probably also available elsewhere, but I wanted to put it on my own site too.

Fun in the Sun

Finished Aug. 21, 2016

Just a simple slice-of-life story about Clark, Lois and Jimmy taking a trip to the beach.

School Days

Finished Sept. 11, 2016

A pretty weird story based on an unusual concept I had for Superman to have a "son".

An Odd Place to Find Oneself

Started May 9, 2015
Last updated Jan. 1, 2017

A multi-chapter story. It's not finished and unfortunately it's quite possible it never will be, but I'm putting it here anyway just because. Based on Superman: The Animated Series (especially the episode "Two's a Crowd"). An apparently innocent demonstration of new STAR Labs technology to Clark, Lois & Jimmy results in the former two becoming comatose - or so it seems. The two star reporters find themselves in a world that seems like their own...but yet isn't. Meanwhile, Jimmy becomes suspicious concerning what really happened.