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DC Comics / Re: Justice League (DCAU cartoon)
Last post by TaliaJoy -
Yeah, I can definitely confirm now that I've seen it that the second season of Justice League is really great, but the first season is pretty bad for the most part.
General / Re: Free fun online games
Last post by Maeda -
Pokemon Showdown can be frustrating alright. It's pretty impressive considering it's fan-made though for sure.
DC Comics / Golden Age Batman comics
Last post by TaliaJoy -
I started reading some Golden Age Batman comics on DC Universe. Since I wanted to start with stories where Robin was already there, I decided to start with Batman rather than Detective Comics. So far I'm really enjoying myself. Batman and Robin seem a bit one-dimensional but they're still entertaining. Though there is a bit of goofiness, I was actually a bit surprised at just how dark the stories are. The Joker is very creepy, the stories deal with troubling subjects as mental illness, and innocent people getting murdered is very frequent. Batman has caused some deaths himself, though he seems regretful.

It kind of amuses me seeing Bruce depicted with a pipe, part of which is probably because he doesn't in the modern day and also because as a Superman fan, I'm used to Clark, who never smokes even in the old comics, lol.

Catwoman's portrayal is interesting to me because, even though she's often just called "The Cat" and doesn't have a costume, she's still in many ways the character we're accustomed to, being a thief while also being a love interest for Batman.

Anyone else have any thoughts on Golden Age Batman?
Creative Works / Re: (Roleplay) Batman/Superman: World's Finest
Last post by TaliaJoy -
Clark's fingers deftly tapped away at his keyboard. Another day, another story, he thought to himself. Unfortunately for him, not every story he had to cover was particularly interesting - not that that was entirely a bad thing, of course. He was proud of the work he had done in both of his identities to help clean up crime in Metropolis. But the fact remained that writing about the Metropolis opera house did not exactly set his heart aflutter. Even though Clark tried to appreciate the arts, he always found opera deathly boring.

"Hey, Smallville," Lois said as she walked by his desk. "Still on 'opera duty'?"

"Don't remind me," Clark said with a groan. "It's bad enough doing it, I don't want to have to talk about it too..."

"Well, you might have relief from that soon," Lois said. "Chief is planning on sending me on a story elsewhere in the country and I guess for some reason he's thinking of sending you along too."

Clark rolled his eyes. Lois knew full well he was one of the highest-ranking reporters at the Planet, but she still liked to talk as though he was a nobody, despite the fact that over time the two of them were becoming better friends and a little less venomous in their competition. But ultimately, when it came to Lois, some things never changed. Maybe Clark should've brushed it off as friendly banter, but that was hard to do given Lois' history of belittling him.

That notwithstanding, Clark had to admit the prospect of leaving Metropolis to cover a story was intriguing. It might even be a good thing for the other side of his identity - of course, as Superman he regularly patrolled the entire country and world, but the fact that he lived in Metropolis made him feel "anchored" there. Which wasn't a bad thing, but going somewhere else for a while could give him a positive shift in his attention to somewhere else that might need his help more.

"So, where'd this assignment be?" Clark asked.

"Gotham City," Lois said.

"Hm," is all Clark said to that.

He and Batman were friends...of sorts. He respected what Batman was doing in Gotham; even if he didn't always agree with his methods, he knew that fundamentally they were fighting the same battle. But frankly, getting involved in Batman's crusades against crime was often a frustrating experience. Not just because they had their differences, but because of the nature of Gotham City itself. Much of the corruption that existed in Metropolis could ultimately be traced back to Lex Luthor, but Gotham City was much more corrupt and it seemed to come from a thousand different sources. Frankly, Clark had to admit that many of his techniques simply didn't work as well in Gotham as they did elsewhere. Unfortunately, it was too clear to him why Batman felt the need to use more extreme techniques.

Am I basically admitting to myself that I don't like being in Gotham because it challenges me too much? Clark thought. He hoped that wasn't the case. It seemed stupid...Clark dealt with crime and corruption all the time. But Gotham was just a tangled mess to him. He knew as Superman, he was "supposed" to be the person for whom nothing was a challenge. But he knew that simply wasn't the case. It wasn't just that he didn't like Gotham, but that he felt he honestly had a hard time doing much good there.

"I know Gotham isn't your favorite place in the world," Lois said. "More story for me, I guess."

"Hey!" Clark said, getting up from his chair.

"Done with that opera story yet?" Lois said.

Clark sighed and sat back down.

"Don't worry, Smallville...this, too, shall pass." She vaguely waved to him and started walking away.

Clark took a breath and started writing again. Lois was right; this probably wouldn't take much longer. Though the thought of going to Gotham didn't fill him with glee, it would certainly be a more interesting assignment from this. Anyway, he didn't want to think of what kind of trouble Lois could get into in Gotham, so it was just as well he'd be keeping an eye on her.

And maybe - hopefully - Superman would be able to help there too.
General / Re: Introduce yourself!
Last post by Lydia -
Hello! I'm Lydia, a college student and Talia's little sister. I'm a Protestant Christian. My main hobby is creative writing (including novels, poetry, short stories, essays, and my personal diary, so basically everything). I also am casually interested in history and entomology (the study of insects). I love old propaganda posters and vintage ads, and my favorite insects are probably ants and moths (yeah, I know those are both pretty broad categories of insect). I'm no comic book expert, but my favorite superhero is Superman, followed by Batman and Spider-Man. I'm not really into the MCU at all (I actually don't generally like movies).

My favorite musician is Billy Joel (whom I got to see in concert last year!), and I'm also fond of Amy Grant, Rush, Journey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Killers. My favorite TV shows are The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and this obscure cartoon about an entomologist that nobody cares about. I use parentheses way too much, and I'm also very fond of semicolons, although I haven't had opportunity to showcase the latter in this post.

I guess that's it.
General / Introduce yourself!
Last post by TaliaJoy -
Relatively self explanatory topic. Here goes.

I'm Talia, a young adult female. My interests include web development stuff, drawing, design, writing, Christian theology/history, and much more! I love Superman, especially the Clark Kent side of Superman and his supporting cast at the Daily Planet. My favorite Superman media is the George Reeves TV show. I like Batman too, especially when accompanied by Robin (especially the original, Dick Grayson). I like mostly 80s, 90s, and a bit of 2000s music. I am an Orthodox Christian. I love animals and kids.

Now YOU introduce YOURself! :P
Superman / Best ways to ensure Superman isn't boring
Last post by TaliaJoy -
As you can guess by the fact that I'm a Superman fan, I don't think Superman is an inherently boring character. Many versions of him that I've seen are very interesting and compelling. But I certainly can't say him, or his stories, being boring is impossible. So I thought I'd make a topic for collecting some of the best ways to make Superman and the stories about him compelling and engaging.

Here are some ways that I think would be pretty universally appealing:

  • Make sure to develop his personality and not just make him generic.
  • Show his personal struggles, interests, and goals.
  • Put him in situations that challenge him - on a physical level, yes, but even more importantly, on an emotional level.
  • Make stories be about him solving mysteries or other situations that require cleverness, rather than just brute strength.
  • Develop his relationships with other people as being multifaceted and interesting.

Here are some ways that I think make Superman and his stories more interesting, but which might be less universal:

  • Focus a lot on his life as Clark Kent. This is helpful on quite a few different levels. It makes things more challenging, both because he has to be careful about not revealing his secret, and because the situations he runs into are less likely to be solvable by strength and powers alone. It can allow you to see more about who he is apart from his superhero identity, and to focus on the other Daily Planet characters and his relationships with them.
  • Obviously an extension of the above, but have a lot of stories that make use of his, and his co-workers', journalistic investigations. This ties into the idea of challenging him with mysteries to solve.
  • Supervillains and cosmic stuff are nice, but I also like for Superman to face more grounded and reality-based problems. These can be particularly relevant to the real world and can potentially introduce more complexity, and can keep you from just focusing on powers, spectacle and fight scenes. Of course, the challenge is that these are less likely to challenge Superman physically, but that can sometimes be OK or overcome with clever writing if the version of Superman in question is not too unlimited in terms of power.
Superman / Least favorite Lois & Clark episodes
Last post by TaliaJoy -
I really like Lois & Clark overall and even when I don't like an episode or an episode does something I don't like, it's not usually something I feel the need the need to comment on in a thread like this.

However, an episode I hate and will never watch again is Never On Sunday, mostly because it was just really creepy and I do not feel voodoo fits in Superman very well. Plus, it's apparently canon that Clark made a journalistic mistake in the past that ruined and/or ended innocent people's lives (I don't even remember), which is terrible. It did actually have some good aspects, I really liked what Clark's fear was and how he overcame it.

Also that stupid Lois clone plotline in season 3 was terrible.

Finally, the episode Soul Mates, while enjoyable, had one terrible plot point I hated, where Clark purposefully lost to evil in one of his past lives, which completely flies in the face of everything Superman stands for. Other than that plot point it was pretty enjoyable, even though I don't like the idea of reincarnation.
Superman / Favorite Lois & Clark episodes
Last post by TaliaJoy -
I have more favorites than the ones I list here, these are just the ones that come readily to mind. Dunno why there's such a concentration of Season 1 episodes, I guess I just remember them more for whatever reason.

Absolutely wonderful and compelling set-up of the series.

Requiem for a Superhero
Very interesting storyline. I really like the L&C version of Sam Lane even though it's a bit non-traditional.

I've Got a Crush on You
Just love the idea of Lois and Clark going undercover at a bar. Makes them feel like "real" reporters if that makes sense, lol.

The Green, Green Glow of Home
I really like that this show had a federal investigator as an antagonist for Superman, and this episode was interesting on many levels.

Fly Hard
The Daily Planet staff and Lex being held hostage and Clark having to help without giving away his secret is a fun set-up, and there was a lot of interesting stuff in this episode.

Tempus Fugitive
A fun and satisfying episode that also had some nice themes about family.

I'll add more later.