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About the Creative Works Board
This board is the place to share what you've created (art, writing, pretty much anything) and to give others feedback on creative works they've shared. Feel free to link to other places online where people can see more of your work, but make sure to post at least some of your work in the body of the post if it is possible or feasible rather than only linking to an off-site location. Of course, there may be occasions when this is not possible or practical, such as if your creative work is an entire website, in which case just posting a link is fine.

Posting works that specifically have to do with Superman or other superheroes is great, but it is NOT required that there be a connection between the works you post and superheroes.

You may make multiple topics in this board for different creative works if you so choose. Use discernment, though. For example, for visual artwork, you will probably only need one topic for your art unless it's in a majorly different category (such as a comic you're working on); no use creating a bunch of topics for each drawing you do. Likewise, if you're writing a multi-chapter story, it would not be recommended to put your chapters in different topics - instead, we advise you make each chapter a different post in the topic. (Though, you should probably put each chapter in a spoiler tag to keep the page from being too long.)

As with the rest of these message boards, double-posting is allowed within reason. And in these boards, you may find yourself doing it more often to update with more of your works, and that's perfectly fine. Again, though, remember to use discernment - it's best to wait at least a couple of hours between posts, and in most cases you probably won't even need to post in a topic more than once a day. The exception to this if you're posting a multi-part work - for example, if you have a multi-chapter story which already has multiple chapters, you can post them all at once with each chapter being in a different post.

Roleplay is allowed in these forums as long as you obey all the rest of the rules, AND your roleplay leans more on the "collaborative fiction writing" side rather than the "forum game" side. In other words, each post should be fairly substantial - not just a quick sentence or line of dialogue - and you should try to put effort in.