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Topic: Superman TAS S1E1 "The Last Son of Krypton Part One" Discussion Thread (Read 266 times) previous topic - next topic
Superman TAS S1E1 "The Last Son of Krypton Part One" Discussion Thread
This episode was a great start to the series. For some versions of Superman, his Kryptonian origin is glossed over relatively briefly, and sometimes that's a good idea - sometimes it makes sense to get to his life on Earth as quickly as possible. But I think that devoting an entire episode to Krypton's destruction was a great way to give it more development and drama than some continuities do.

This episode had some really great dramatic and emotional beats. I loved the moment when Jor-El observed that Braniac was downloading himself to a remote satellite, proving he realized what was going to happen but only wanted to save himself... And also, just the moment when all of Krypton was being destroyed and Lana and Jor-El shared one final kiss, as the world was literally falling apart around them... powerful.

Speaking of Lana and Jor-El, I liked that they had a good amount of personality and I am very fond of their designs. No wonder they had such a good-looking son when they were both so good-looking. ;) It's cute that Lana has the same curl of hair as her son. Maybe Kryptonian hair works differently so hairstyles can actually be inherited. That's officially my headcanon.

Now for the...well, not exactly "bad", but I guess you could say...debatable whether it's good or not? I'm not sure I like the fact that Lana doubted her husband too. I mean, it's interesting, but I guess I just like them being on the same page and Lana being just as aware of what was happening as Jor-El. I don't like how across Superman media, Jor-El usually feels like the "main one" and Lana is a little sidelined. She's not explored as much, generally speaking. And it doesn't help to make her not quite as "right" or aware of what's going on as Jor-El. However, in honesty, I can't say this is a serious flaw or even really a flaw at all. It's just not my preference, I guess.

Another thing is, well, Brainiac lies to the council and says everything's fine because it's "too late" and therefore pointless to tell them the truth. However, I guess I'm a bit surprised that Brainiac, with all his resources and technology, didn't realize earlier, before it was too late, what was going to happen. I guess he's just not as smart as Jor-El. I suppose I just have the automatic assumption that such an advanced AI with cameras everywhere would know what's up. That is apparently not the case, but maybe they could've made more of a point of that because it's a bit surprising.

What are your thoughts about this episode?