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Master List of things to like about Superman!
This is a just-for-fun topic where we can make a comprehensive list of all the many reasons to love our homeboy Clark Kent. Feel free to add your own! (also, I don't want this to devolve into mean-spirited arguments or anything, so if someone posts a reason you disagree with, don't get mad or anything. it's also fine if one person's reasons contradict another person's.)

1. He loves all four of his parents (Ma and Pa Kent and his birth parents)
2. He loves his dog
3. He loves his wife
4. He loves his BFF, Bruce
5. He loves his other BFF, Jimmy
6. Has his own ice palace like he's frickin Elsa or somethin
i love seymour skinner and zap monogan

Re: Master List of things to like about Superman!
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Ooh, I love this idea!

7. Great costume - bold, simple, dynamic and unmistakable!
8. Great outfit as Clark Kent too - those glasses, that fedora, and that lovely three-piece suit are just so charming!
9. Nice spitcurl
10. Rad reporting skills
12. Strong
13. Values both his Kryptonian heritage as well as the country & planet that he grew up in and lives in today