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Topic: Superman TAS S1E2 "The Last Son of Krypton Part Two" Discussion Thread (Read 264 times) previous topic - next topic
Superman TAS S1E2 "The Last Son of Krypton Part Two" Discussion Thread
Clark's growing up has always seemed an interesting time in his life for me. I really liked the scene at the beginning when the Kents were adopting him. It's a fun idea for them to not realize at first that he's an alien, but instead think he's a part of some space program. The contrast between Martha's eagerness and Jonathan's reticence is also kind of fun.

I'm a little unsure about if people's reactions to things completely make sense. Clark and the people close to him are not really as freaked out by his powers as I would expect they would be in real life. On the flip-side, it is a little weird how Clark seems almost angry about learning about his Kryptonian heritage. Well...I mean, it's definitely not completely weird. I think learning you're a space alien would be hard to take. I would just expect it to be mixed with a bit more positive emotions too, to finally learn about and even "meet" his birth parents. Plus, at least it's an explanation for his weird powers as opposed to just being left to wonder. And I guess that while it makes sense for him to be upset, being angry at the idea of it being true and trying to deny it feels a little off to me. I think it would make more sense for him to just be overwhelmed, confused, and even devastated, and maybe a bit angry and struggling to believe it, but not to the extent in the episode.

However, I did like how that anger gave way quickly to joy as he finally began to embrace his powers and realize how awesome they are. I just love how it looked like he was having so much fun flying around.

Later in the episode, I think we got a nice introduction to Metropolis and especially Lois Lane. I love her sass and Clark's more subtle sass. However, I will say that Clark Kent (the Clark identity specifically I mean) usually feels like a non-entity in this series and this episode isn't really an exception. It's a little hard for me to put into words though. I guess I also wish he had been more friendly with Jimmy when they were introduced. I don't think this series emphasizes the friendship between the two as much as I would like. Clark isn't really friendly enough in general in this series. He feels very all-business. Heck, that's true of the Superman identity too. I wish he could be a little more relaxed more often. There are moments when he is, which I love, but there's not enough, especially as the series progresses. Ah well, you can't have it all I guess.

The animation, style, and character designs are all nice, which for the most part continues throughout the series. It certainly doesn't reach the levels of artistry of Batman TAS, but it's still very nice-looking, appropriately stylistic, and effective.

What are your thoughts on this episode?