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(Roleplay) Batman/Superman: World's Finest
This has been an RP idea that has been accumulating in Talia and myself's mine for a while.  While it's far from perfect and could benefit from additional improvements and developments, we both believe it's at a point where it's ready to be tested out.  Anything that needs to be amended can be done so as the story progresses.

Night falls once again upon the streets of Gotham City.  Light precipitation sprinkles the rooftops, and a misty chill sends an ominous sign that all is not well in the desolate metropolis.  There's never a moment's rest in Gotham.  Something was going to happen.  It was only a matter of when and where.

Right on cue, a thunderous gunshot roars through the musky night air, flooding the nightclub with the stench of blood and gunpowder.  Moments later, Commissioner Gordon receives the call:  There's been a murder at the Iceberg Lounge.  Having intercepted the call from the Batmobile, the Dark Knight overhears and immediately heads to the club to investigate.  Batman identifies the victim as one Tristano Corsi, a high-ranking police officer employed at the GCPD.  Before his untimely demise, he boasted a miraculously high arrest rate, having assisted in putting away some of Gotham's most fearsome crime lords.  This meant he was a man with many enemies, but what made this case stand out was a single piece of evidence nearly overlooked on the shaggy carpeting of the lounge:  A single shard of Kryptonite discarded at the scene of the crime.

Meanwhile, as Batman begins to unravel the layers of Corsi's mysterious foray into the criminal underworld, others have caught wind of the happenings in Gotham and realized their far-reaching implications. Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of the Metropolis Daily Planet, sends his best reporters, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, along with cub reporter and photojournalist Jimmy Olsen, to cover the story. It isn't long before Clark realizes that his alter ego, Superman, must be involved in the investigation as well. With Kryptonite in the mix, he knows the situation could turn bad for him fast. Only the combined efforts of him, Batman, and their allies will be enough to put an end to a smuggling ring that aims to topple the very foundation of Gotham City.

The RP takes place within, but is not strictly tied to the continuity of, the DCAU.  As such, characterizations and world will be based on the status quo of "The New Adventures of Batman and Robin."  Plot points may be more mature (PG-13 at the highest) and some characters and timelines may be referenced that do not fit comfortably within the DCAU lore, within limit.

[ Bruce Wayne / Batman ] (as portrayed by Tara)
A billionaire playboy and philanthropist.  After watching his parents gunned down in front of his very eyes, Bruce chose to dedicate his life to fighting crime in Gotham City and take on the mantle of the Batman.

[ Commission James Gordon ]
Bruce's closest confidant and partner in fighting crime.

[ Dick Grayson / Nightwing ]
The former boy wonder Dick Grayson (no longer age 12) masqueraded as Robin years before a rift in his relationship with Batman led him to establishing his own identity as Nightwing.  Though much of his time is spent protecting the neighboring town of Bludhaven, Dick has decided to return to Gotham in order to assist Batman in this case.

[ Tim Drake / Robin ]
The current Robin, an orphan taken in by Batman after he discovers his secret identity.

[ Barbara Gordon / Batgirl ]
(as portrayed by Tara)
In between college studies in forensic science and criminal justice, Commissioner Gordon's beloved daughter, Barbara, takes to the streets at night and fights crime as the mysterious Batgirl.

[ Clark Kent / Superman ] (as portrayed by Talia)
Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Superman is the savior of Metropolis,, hailing from the planet Krypton.  He has agreed to assist Batman in this case because of the involvement of Kryptonite, a dangerous substance that nullifies the powers of Kryptonians.  As mild-mannered Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, Superman is sent by his editor, Perry White, to investigate the strange happenings in Gotham.

[ Lois Lane ]
Clark Kent's co-worker and a romantic interest of both Clark Kent and Superman, she is one of the best reporters in Metropolis and has been sent alongside Clark to Gotham.

[ Jimmy Olsen ]
Photojournalist and cub reporter at the Daily Planet and one of Clark's closest friends.  He, too, has been sent to report on the murder in Gotham.

[ Oswald Cobblepott / The Penguin ]
A notorious criminal known for his pudgy weight and short stature.  He is the owner of the Iceberg Lounge and not pleased about the murder on his fine establishment.

[ More characters may be added as the RP evolves. ]

~RP Specific Rules~
  • Characters may be added from non-DCAU continuities provided they are adjusted to fit as best they can.  However, at the moment, we are only accepting Batman and Superman characters due to familiarity.
  • No god modding (should go without saying)
  • It's just a game.  Don't be children about it.

~RP Rating~
[ Content ]
Language: As permitted by SSS Superman Forums rules.
Violence: Cartoon violence.  Written depictions of blood may be present.  No extreme gore.
Sex: None.

[ Skill Level ]
Slightly above amateur.  Posts must be at least one paragraph (3-5 sentences) and advance the plot in a meaningful way.

Re: (Roleplay) Batman/Superman: World's Finest
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Only mere minutes prior, the Iceberg Lounge had been overflowing with wealthy patrons who chatted and drank martinis and smoked expensive cigars.  The waitresses, who wore shimmering white dresses that parted amply at the torso and flirted with the old men with wallets wider than their wrists, the jazz band that livened the place with the loud, alto swelling of saxophone crescendos, the bartender who listened to his clients with open ears and greasy palms as they confided in him their many exploits and ventures, many of which questionable in their legality.  But at the deafening sound of gun powder exploding from the barrel of a deceptively small handgun, all the waitresses and sleazy old man, all the jazz musicians and corrupt bartenders, everyone who had previously been enjoying the evening's trivial pleasures had fled, leaving nothing but their panicked screams echoing in their wake.

Now, the entire lounge was silent, deserted, save for the portly owner, who was frantically pacing around the front entrance with his hands behind his back before Commissioner Gordon arrived, flanked on either side by a pair of subordinate officers.

"It's about time you showed up," Oswald Cobblepott said with a sneer.

Gordon put his hands to his hips.  He did not appreciate the Penguin's tone, but at this point in his career, he was far too familiar with the nature of the self-proclaimed "reformed" criminal elite, and he knew just how difficult he could be to work with.  So, armed with a capsule of aspirin handy should the need arise, he was prepared to set aside whatever reservations he may have if he hoped for Cobblepott to lend his full cooperation.

"Spare me the formalities, Cobblepott," said Gordon as he busied his hands attempting to light a tobacco pipe.  The stench of gun powder was still fresh, and the smell of burning tobacco leaves did little to alleviate that, but this was another necessary evil.  For justice, Gordon reminded himself.  "Take me to the body."

"Of course," Cobblepott said, lighting his own tobacco that was fed through a long, black tube.

He inhaled a long puff of smoke, counted to ten, and exhaled what Gordon thought must have been a small river of smoke before turning his back to the officers and beckoning with his free flipper.  "Right way this way, gentlemen."

Cobblepott led Gordon and his men to the dining era and tried his best not to trip over the ocean of toppled chairs and broken glass, eventually finding a table where a man sat with his cheek pressed against a partially eaten T-Bone steak and his right ear drenched with mashed potatoes.  His drink had fallen onto his lap, mixing red wine with the blood that had since stopped dripping from the cavity in his chest.

"Here he is," said Cobblepott.  "Our John Doe."

"Hey, I know that guy!" Gordon exclaimed, nearly dropping his pipe in the process.  "He works... well, worked... at the GCPD.  The name's-"

"Tristano Corsi," interrupted a booming, deep voice emerging from the outer shadows of the lounge.  The foreboding presence of the mysterious figure draped in black startled the two men.  "Italian-American.  Divorced once, two kids.  Well-loved within his community."

"Yeah, and a damn fine cop, too," Gordon added, his nerves settling when he recognized the approaching figure as that of his partner in fighting crime, the Batman.  He was slightly taken aback, though not entirely surprised, that Batman had already beaten the GCPD to the investigation.  He wanted to know how he did it; if there was a police radio inside the Batmobile, or maybe "bat operatives" dispersed in every corner of Gotham.  It tugged at Gordon's curiosity, but he knew better than to ask.  He stepped aside, officially allowing the caped crusader into the crime scene to continue his briefing.

Cobblepott growled and rolled his eyes.  "Great, it's not enough to have the GCPD swarming my building; now I have a flying rodent problem, too."

Batman ignored this comment.

"The victim was shot through the heart with a 9mm bullet and died instantly.  Shell casings found at the scene are consistent with Pistole Parabellum--Luger pistol.  No weapon was found on the scene; the killer probably took it with him."

"So... what?" Gordon chimed in.  "The guy just comes in and shoots a cop?"

"From the looks of things," Batman continued, "the killer was sitting across from the victim when he fired the shot.  Possibly another guest.  There are no signs of a conflict.  Either the killer was trailing the victim in secret, or he recognized the victim and saw his chance."

"Onto the big question, any idea who did it?"

"This lounge keeps a log of all guests that enter and leave," Batman explained.  "I've taken custody of it and am currently cross-examining the list for potential suspects."

"Excuse me!"

Cobblepott waved his cane in Batman's face.  Despite knowing that concealed within the cane were the mechanisms of a semiautomatic rifle, Batman did not so much as flinch at the sudden confrontation.

"That information is private property.  The Iceberg Lounge prides itself in the privacy of our guests.  You have no right to take that information for your own purposes!"

"Pipe down, Cobblepott," Gordon said, refilling his pipe and lighting it a second time.  "You know that you're just as much a suspect here as anyone else who was here when the weapon went off."

"Me?!" the Penguin shrieked with a cringe.  "Why, that's preposterous!  I am a legitimate businessman!  It would serve me no good to have a criminal investigation on my hands."

"Your arrest history seems to suggest otherwise."

While the two squabbled over the legality of the vigilante’s appropriation of personal data, Batman scoured the floor of the crime scene for more evidence.  Suddenly, a faint glimmer on the carpet caught the detective's eye.  It was a tiny fragment, not much larger than one's own thumb nail, but something about the lustrous green glow resonated with Batman.  He picked it up with his hands and brought to his face for further examination.

"Well, I'm telling you, Commissioner," Cobblepott squirmed.  "There is absolutely no reason to suspect me, so you best not have your men harassing me or my staff during this investigation."

"If that's true, then the evidence will show us that," Gordon replied.  "Until then, shut your yap and let the boys in blue do their work."

Cobblepott growled.

"Do either of you recognize this?" Batman inquired, holding it up for the two men to see.

"Can't say I do," said Cobblepott.

"There are lots of rich folk dining here.  Could be a piece of jewelry that was broken in the scuffle," suggested Gordon.

Just then, the sound of static infiltrated Batman's left ear, followed by the voice of a young woman addressing him.

"Bruce, I'm picking up intense radiation readings from that thing.  Be careful."

And just like that, the static quickly subsided, but it was replaced by a miserable feeling in Batman’s stomach that painfully guided him towards his next course of action.

"I'm taking it with me to run a chemical analysis," Batman declared.  "Until then..."   He turned to face the Penguin.  "...We'll be watching."

Once again, Cobblepott growled as Batman unholstered a grappling hook from his utility belt and ascended into the night sky.

"Let me know if you find anything!" Gordon called up to him, but Batman was already long gone.

Re: (Roleplay) Batman/Superman: World's Finest
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Clark's fingers deftly tapped away at his keyboard. Another day, another story, he thought to himself. Unfortunately for him, not every story he had to cover was particularly interesting - not that that was entirely a bad thing, of course. He was proud of the work he had done in both of his identities to help clean up crime in Metropolis. But the fact remained that writing about the Metropolis opera house did not exactly set his heart aflutter. Even though Clark tried to appreciate the arts, he always found opera deathly boring.

"Hey, Smallville," Lois said as she walked by his desk. "Still on 'opera duty'?"

"Don't remind me," Clark said with a groan. "It's bad enough doing it, I don't want to have to talk about it too..."

"Well, you might have relief from that soon," Lois said. "Chief is planning on sending me on a story elsewhere in the country and I guess for some reason he's thinking of sending you along too."

Clark rolled his eyes. Lois knew full well he was one of the highest-ranking reporters at the Planet, but she still liked to talk as though he was a nobody, despite the fact that over time the two of them were becoming better friends and a little less venomous in their competition. But ultimately, when it came to Lois, some things never changed. Maybe Clark should've brushed it off as friendly banter, but that was hard to do given Lois' history of belittling him.

That notwithstanding, Clark had to admit the prospect of leaving Metropolis to cover a story was intriguing. It might even be a good thing for the other side of his identity - of course, as Superman he regularly patrolled the entire country and world, but the fact that he lived in Metropolis made him feel "anchored" there. Which wasn't a bad thing, but going somewhere else for a while could give him a positive shift in his attention to somewhere else that might need his help more.

"So, where'd this assignment be?" Clark asked.

"Gotham City," Lois said.

"Hm," is all Clark said to that.

He and Batman were friends...of sorts. He respected what Batman was doing in Gotham; even if he didn't always agree with his methods, he knew that fundamentally they were fighting the same battle. But frankly, getting involved in Batman's crusades against crime was often a frustrating experience. Not just because they had their differences, but because of the nature of Gotham City itself. Much of the corruption that existed in Metropolis could ultimately be traced back to Lex Luthor, but Gotham City was much more corrupt and it seemed to come from a thousand different sources. Frankly, Clark had to admit that many of his techniques simply didn't work as well in Gotham as they did elsewhere. Unfortunately, it was too clear to him why Batman felt the need to use more extreme techniques.

Am I basically admitting to myself that I don't like being in Gotham because it challenges me too much? Clark thought. He hoped that wasn't the case. It seemed stupid...Clark dealt with crime and corruption all the time. But Gotham was just a tangled mess to him. He knew as Superman, he was "supposed" to be the person for whom nothing was a challenge. But he knew that simply wasn't the case. It wasn't just that he didn't like Gotham, but that he felt he honestly had a hard time doing much good there.

"I know Gotham isn't your favorite place in the world," Lois said. "More story for me, I guess."

"Hey!" Clark said, getting up from his chair.

"Done with that opera story yet?" Lois said.

Clark sighed and sat back down.

"Don't worry, Smallville...this, too, shall pass." She vaguely waved to him and started walking away.

Clark took a breath and started writing again. Lois was right; this probably wouldn't take much longer. Though the thought of going to Gotham didn't fill him with glee, it would certainly be a more interesting assignment from this. Anyway, he didn't want to think of what kind of trouble Lois could get into in Gotham, so it was just as well he'd be keeping an eye on her.

And maybe - hopefully - Superman would be able to help there too.