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Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon
This is a fairly obscure cartoon that ran for a whopping 1 season in 1988. It's pretty cheesy and kiddy, so I would only recommend it to people who like cheesy things and who are pretty big Superman fans, but for what it is, it's fun, charming and enjoyable. The plotlines are usually fun and each episode has a segment at the end about Clark's childhood, which is nice.

One of the most intriguing parts of the show is that it's basically a combination of Post-Crisis elements and the Christopher Reeve movies. The Kents are alive and Luthor is an evil businessman, but he acts like his movie counterpart, and Superman's personality in both identities is pretty clearly based on Christopher Reeve's take on him (this was even explicitly confirmed in an interview, I'll see if I can find it sometime). This combination of disparate influences works rather well for the show.

Personally, I like the art style and character designs of the main characters in this show, though they're a bit dated. Original character designs for villains and such tend to be pretty bad.

Overall, a pretty enjoyable show for Superman fans who don't mind cheesy and dated things.