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The Adventures of Superman (1950s TV show)
I absolutely love the 1950s Adventures of Superman show starring George Reeves...or at least the first 2 seasons, I haven't even watched all of the later seasons because they're way worse than the first two (though that's not to say they have no redeeming value).

Yes, the show is obviously very old and a little cheesy, and there's usually at least one gaping plot hole in every episode...but there's also a lot to love about it. I think all the actors did an excellent job and the characters are well-portrayed. In fact, they're some of my favorite versions of the characters ever. They're very evocative and charming, and often have subtle depth too, especially Clark/Superman. Their relationships with each other are well-developed and multi-dimensional. Plus, I like that the stories are often a bit more grounded.

One of the most memorable and significant parts of the show is their portrayal of the Clark Kent identity - he is focused on a lot, honestly more than Superman in the early seasons, and he is a lot more assertive and dynamic than he was usually portrayed in early Superman history. I don't think that the traditional more meek Clark is inherently bad, he can be fantastic too, but I have to say I really love the AoS portrayal of Clark. It really drives home the point that what's "super" about Superman isn't his powers, but who he is. It helps me respect Superman more, because I see that he's a great investigative reporter and a good citizen of his community who's admired and who helps people even in his non-superheroic identity.

Honestly, I could write many paragraphs about my personal love of this show, but I think I'll leave it at that so others can share their thoughts.