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Favorite Lois & Clark episodes
I have more favorites than the ones I list here, these are just the ones that come readily to mind. Dunno why there's such a concentration of Season 1 episodes, I guess I just remember them more for whatever reason.

Absolutely wonderful and compelling set-up of the series.

Requiem for a Superhero
Very interesting storyline. I really like the L&C version of Sam Lane even though it's a bit non-traditional.

I've Got a Crush on You
Just love the idea of Lois and Clark going undercover at a bar. Makes them feel like "real" reporters if that makes sense, lol.

The Green, Green Glow of Home
I really like that this show had a federal investigator as an antagonist for Superman, and this episode was interesting on many levels.

Fly Hard
The Daily Planet staff and Lex being held hostage and Clark having to help without giving away his secret is a fun set-up, and there was a lot of interesting stuff in this episode.

Tempus Fugitive
A fun and satisfying episode that also had some nice themes about family.

I'll add more later.