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Least favorite Lois & Clark episodes
I really like Lois & Clark overall and even when I don't like an episode or an episode does something I don't like, it's not usually something I feel the need the need to comment on in a thread like this.

However, an episode I hate and will never watch again is Never On Sunday, mostly because it was just really creepy and I do not feel voodoo fits in Superman very well. Plus, it's apparently canon that Clark made a journalistic mistake in the past that ruined and/or ended innocent people's lives (I don't even remember), which is terrible. It did actually have some good aspects, I really liked what Clark's fear was and how he overcame it.

Also that stupid Lois clone plotline in season 3 was terrible.

Finally, the episode Soul Mates, while enjoyable, had one terrible plot point I hated, where Clark purposefully lost to evil in one of his past lives, which completely flies in the face of everything Superman stands for. Other than that plot point it was pretty enjoyable, even though I don't like the idea of reincarnation.