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Golden Age Batman comics
I started reading some Golden Age Batman comics on DC Universe. Since I wanted to start with stories where Robin was already there, I decided to start with Batman rather than Detective Comics. So far I'm really enjoying myself. Batman and Robin seem a bit one-dimensional but they're still entertaining. Though there is a bit of goofiness, I was actually a bit surprised at just how dark the stories are. The Joker is very creepy, the stories deal with troubling subjects as mental illness, and innocent people getting murdered is very frequent. Batman has caused some deaths himself, though he seems regretful.

It kind of amuses me seeing Bruce depicted with a pipe, part of which is probably because he doesn't in the modern day and also because as a Superman fan, I'm used to Clark, who never smokes even in the old comics, lol.

Catwoman's portrayal is interesting to me because, even though she's often just called "The Cat" and doesn't have a costume, she's still in many ways the character we're accustomed to, being a thief while also being a love interest for Batman.

Anyone else have any thoughts on Golden Age Batman?